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Backpack is the best way to pack

Backpack is the best way to pack


The holidays have gone and everyone is a little bit of orientation as to what items he has, which will need to be replaced and what the new one is purchased it should be.

Also, it is important to what do you take with you. If you go by car, it can be more than that if you're going backpacking. And traveling is what we love to do. And then comes the question as to whether it was packing.

Personally, I use a backpack to carry around 80 litres that I have two more times to Scotland have been to the mountains. In the first year, I had a less expensive bag, which I quickly regret them. The straps went all the way to my shoulders and the hip belt was not comfortable, etc. And if you are in the middle of the mountains, you can't do anything but go on.

Very important when traveling, how you make your bag a priority. This is in addition to the fact that you can quickly find out if you will need to have an advantage to go for a walk, because when the weight is properly wearing the bag a lot easier.

My 80-liter backpack, you actually get all of them, but if you do not make a good pack it will be more a burden than a benefit. At the bottom of the bag, you start with your sleeping mat and sleeping bag and any clothes you have before going to sleep, and other things before going to sleep. On top of it and then you're back to put the heaviest items such as your tent, a water bag, of course, if you're here, in your backpack's space to do so. Cooking utensils and food when you camp, you are saved, and any other heavy-duty materials that you will want to take it.

At the front end of this middle section of the bag to suit you lighter weight fabric, such as towels and lightweight clothing. And then, at the top of the backpack is the light-weight of the items which you frequently need to make use of, such as snacks, sunglasses, headlamp, light-weight, thin, etc.

On the side of your backpack is in the meshvakken (most often used), you can add more water to be lost, for hydration on the go is very important. If you are in the place your clothes neatly on the fold, wrap, and on a per-day or per-set in a zipzakje put it all the way vacuum is a lot less than taking up space. These bags can be good to place it in the empty space in your bag, making sure that everything is well padded and is less likely to slide around. Also, food selection, it is helpful to zip the bags clean of everything to be kept separate for possible leaks, or to go to prevent your backpack all dirty from the inside.

The small cells, for example, the heupbanden are easy for little snacks, or small items of equipment which you will want to deal with it without having to stop.

Your paperwork, ID, and passport etc, I have always been in a waterproof bag and sit it in a special pocket in the backback. The map and the compass and the GPS unit will also not always appear on the top of MAPS, I always have to have my chest hang out) in order to be able to determine in what direction you want to go.

If I did, I think, one of the most important points to have had. And, yes, every day, in this way, the package is part of the deal, because if all of your slaapspul it's been a is all about, but if you get everything in separate bags stops, it is clean and dry, and after a good night's rest, the next day it will be back in earnest.

Have fun on your new adventures!

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