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Hannah Outdoor finally in the shop

Hannah Outdoor finally in the shop


That has a time but sometimes it takes a while, but then you have something. I have some back sit and watch but last year July was the first we had contact with Hannah Outdoor, a Czech brand that in our collection. We had a part of the collection can be admired, and when an order is placed, that has, due to circumstances slightly longer but a couple of weeks ago re-established contact and then it was quickly arranged. Boxes filled with the new collection, which is always nice!

To everything on the website first, but the history of Hannah dived. I always like to read how someone came up with the idea and how the company started and grown to what it is today. This was also a story of what really suits us.

In the 80's was Hana ZachariáŠová one of the many enthusiasts who have their weekends spent in the mountains as you ascend. Everyone was bound together by the love for nature and of course the dream to have fun climbing in the mountains to the top. To achieve this, they had first-class equipment and equipment needed, which at that time were not available in the country. Therefore, they started often with the advantage of high quality sleeping bags, coats, etc. You need to imagine what a gang it gave to a sleeping bag with down filling in your bathroom, anywhere feathers and then try the correct quality in your sleeping bag so the cold nights in the mountains could withstand. This was the start of Hannah Outdoor which in 1991 was officially launched.

And now you're of course curious about the products. Well this may be there are hear. The trousers that we have selected are both as klimbroek as well as outdoorbroek good to use. Because I do every week in the climbing gym am with my daughter was already almost a pair of pants seized by our klimster. For the gentlemen a pair of trousers complemented in the colors black and green and for the ladies a beautiful color blue, dark pink and also black.

Because if you go into the mountains you layers of to bear you wish to or pulling out, we have both the lords and the ladies, a sweat jacket, and three coats picked out. Also a backpack 28-liter to our range in that range have something to extend, and a pair of sleeping bags, including the Micro that but 800 grams. A nice sleeping bag for the summer on step.

Look here soon for all added Hannah products.

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