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Hannah, Outdoors, new tents, and the day backpacks

Hannah, Outdoors, new tents, and the day backpacks


With the brand's Tenacity for Outdoor , we have our tents, the collection has expanded. We have selected the light-weight tents, Sett 2, and to Sett 3. These tents are suitable for 2 or 3 people. Due to the light weight of the tent, they are super-convenient for you to go backpacking, or on an adventurous expedition to go on.

Both of the tents to the front to add extra space to your things in storage. This is great for traveling, because of your backpack in your tent, you can do it, but it is better to have it in the room before you lost it. When we went to Scotland with a group of guys, we had a dome tent, where we have the two layers we had in the bags and in between, they are. It worked well, but the other couple had been in a car with a loose part in the front where your backpack is lost to me. Especially if it's wet from the rain, is it nice to have it in your bedroom down to the light.

In the first part you'll be able to have both sides open so that you have the best hand, and open and on each and every site can be listed. The tent is made from 190T Polyester and a frame of a Dural (Aluminum). They are fitted with air vents and pockets in the tent for smaller items in the store. Both of them have a water column of 4000 mm, the awning, and 10,000 mm to the groundsheet. This allows you to have a good shower of rain to withstand. Also, the weight of 3.6 pounds for a 2 man tent, and it's only 4.2 pounds, for a 3-person tent with a weight that you can carry in your backpack. We will share the tent with the awning and one in the bag, poles and pegs in another bag, especially if you choose to do this, it is a really good weight to keep them on the road.

In addition to these tents, we will have our day backpacks by some of the backpacks from Hannah Outdoor. The packs will have a capacity of between 24 and 28 litres, which allows you to enjoy a day on the road can be. Both the Element 28 And the Air Lite as it does with the Skipper 24 And the Air Vent of his backpack with 1 main compartment. The backpacks are designed with ergonomic rugsystemen that is to make sure that the bag is on your back seat, but not all the way at the back to allow air flow for cooling can cause.

The backpacks are the shoulder straps, and waist belt. They have several options for storing or attaching gear to your backpack, such as an ice axe or hiking poles. Also, the backpacks with a possibility to get an level in. If it starts to rain, the integrated rain cover is also very handy.

The Element of The 28 Air-Lite, as well as the Skipper 24 And the Air Vent are both available in 4 great colours, so that everyone has their own color, you can choose from.

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