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Highlander expansion Flug and Bahn, and a new range of walking sticks

Highlander expansion Flug and Bahn, and a new range of walking sticks


Last week, we have a few new products of Highlander within. The new Flug and Bahn collection. If you name should I ever get to Germany thinking, but are real Scottish bags. A beautiful range of eight cool finished bags that you use for daily use it is very easy to use. Both available in Autumn Orange Forest Night with a separate compartment for your laptop. The bags are Stone Washed what they really have a nice finish. Ample opportunities to get your gear to the mountains with all the boxes in the bags.

Also very nice of these bags is the extra gadget which in both bags is delivered, the telefoonstandaard which is incorporated in the tractor of the zipper. By means of a clip, you can this from the bag, detach it and open up where your phone can bet and after your busy day, enjoy a movie can look.

In addition to this new line of backpacks, we also have the new range of walking sticks received. The new line is easily recognizable by the new designations. Each walking stick has the name of an island, inherited and not loose as in previous years, but complete. The old Mull is replaced for the Isle of Mull, the isle of Arran is replaced by the Isle of Arran etc. In addition to the well-known Mull and Arran, which has improved and a new design have been given to the Isle of Tirree and the Isle of Raasay added. Both a single walking stick (if you buy a set of two, you also have a set of) that you get the proper support on uneven surfaces.

Great new products that our shop is a fine complement!

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