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Of Highlander Lomond to Highlander Storm Kitbag

Of Highlander Lomond to Highlander Storm Kitbag


Last year at the fair we saw them all. For us it was the Lomond's in a new color. We have a while to wait but now we can also share with you. Everyone knows by now, the renowned Lomond collection of Highlander. Nice duffle bags to organize your stuff nice and dry to get, or as a sports bag to use. Good quality for a good price. We have in the collection of the 65 liter, 90 liter and 120 liter versions. We have a number in stock and while supplies last, we will still complete, but we suspect that they will slowly place to go for the new Highlander Storm Kitbags.

Last week we received them within. At this time, only the smaller versions be delivered and it is expected that later this year the larger bags. Highlander has 5 colors made of this Storm Kitbags. A complete Olive-green, a complete blue and black version and the Orange and Aqua version with the used black for the handles very cool to see. These were also the colors that we are on the stock exchange had seen what we believe in.

We have opted for the full black version along with the Orange and Aqua version to start with. They are now available in sizes 30 litre and 45 litre. Both are made from the strong 600D tarpaulins tarpaulin), and in addition that they can be worn as a duffle bag is also easy to convert into a backpack. The shoulder straps are not in use easy to remove and to store in your bag. This makes it a nice backpack/duffle bag where you get all sides on can.

See here soon what color you choose.

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