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New items are on Highlander is on the shelf

New items are on Highlander is on the shelf


This past week, we have a lot of fun, cool new items from the Highlander in there. The brand has become known for a lot of people, with little explanation, more is required.

Because of the military's, shoes by Merrell , as well, we are also of the Highlander and the Echo of boots in the line-up. Great, affordable boots that would be good for a long distance to walk. Highlander makes a lot of clothing and shoes for the army, and the scouts in the Netherlands, uses a wide range of goods, from Highlander, is the quality and the knowledge is there, and you can see that the shoes are back. Here, you can take the extra weight on your back, a nice tour to take.

Highlander Echo boots  Highlander Echo boots Zwart

The Rambler, a series of the Highlander, with all the colored rubber bands on the front, for everyone to now be one of the items from the Highlander which is selling well at this time. Highlander has this series taken care of and comes with the new Rambler. We opted for the 44-and 88-litre version, and it will be available in the future, however, extend to the other measures. The bag is a huge leap forward and to make it even more comfortable to wear. This is not to be good to go!

The one III a change to the appearance of a sunset, not only to the army and directed versions, as well as a version that has a blue in color. However, the well-known quality of the previous one, the MK version, but it does it in a pretty new package.

Highlander MKIII  Highlander MKIII3

And last, but not least, to the Trail and packs that are new in our product range. Nice packs to look at and have both the 30 and 40 litre versions are complete with a variety of pockets and storage space. The first one of the backpacks are already being sold and you will see the quality of our many years of experience.

Come and have a look at our Highlander collection, for more information on these new items!

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