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Loeffler addition wielrenshirts

Loeffler addition wielrenshirts


As of the end of the summer season is approaching, we have a number of additions made to the brand of Loeffler. This season, we have several people excited to see this brand, and this is why we have before the cold is going to be a number of t-shirts it purchased.

A trio of women's shirts, the W Bike Jersey, and a Rise in two of the most beautiful colors, and the W Bike Jersey Hotbond FZ, and for men, a shirt with no sleeves on the M-Bike's tank top FZ Aero.

Hotbond is a special technique where the joints are to be fused together, which allows for even more comfort. That ride is really very, very, very good.

The bikes themselves we get around in our Loeffler wielrenshirts as well as for the Bibshorts and the normal wielrenbroek (with the hotbond!) and great mileage, with all the warm sunny days and long evenings.

Take a look here to of the expansion plans.

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