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Holidays in nine different countries in Europe

Holidays in nine different countries in Europe


This year it was a vacation unlike any other. The plan was to Scotland, but with all the coronaperikelen, we decided that it is not easy to go there. If it's to code orange, or even red, you're still in a sort of “island”. We didn't really have a good plan of action. We went to the “rigid” country is gone. Because of that, we also love geocaching, we wanted to make as many countries as possible enjoy for a couple of caches to do in those countries.

We started out on the highway in Belgium, and there, in the evening in a campground for the camping, it is in most of the countries, it is not allowed. After Luxembourg, so that we have a cache hit and on to France, via Switzerland, to Liechtenstein, to a cache that has to deal with it. A beautiful castle on the island where you are in the middle of the season almost no one was, but it was good for was able to walk away. Then went on to Austria, and in various stages in the mountains, in a beautiful suit.

After that, however, is still a bit further down in Italy looked up, and as we were still in the area were visited Venice. There, nice walks and city views. The St mark's square, it was so quiet, you'll get to the other side could look at it. Otherwise, we would have never come up, because we are not of the people. Give us a nice piece of countryside where we can walk and move around. After Venice and moved on to Slovenia and the beautiful nature.

Then, again, Austria looked up, and with some friends at the camping place, the Grossglockner we drove on, and in the direction of Friedrichshafen, where the eldest of the boys, and the Zeppelin museum to visit. The masks on and then it was 400 people in a museum would be a lot of people in the corona thing. However, it was very well organized, with all the routes, so it felt safe was in. After that, back to Germany in a bit of highway, so we won't went to retrieve it. But it is a great spot to be enjoyed by the family, and the environment, as well as a trip with the Land Rover. Hopefully, by next year, so we decide to go to Scotland. Something to look forward to!

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