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New: Original S. W. A. T. work boots / tactical boot

New: Original S. W. A. T. work boots / tactical boot


In addition to the various tactical backpacks and knives we offer since this week also shoes to match. To start we have opted for the Original S. W. A. T. work shoes Force 8" Professional. A working shoe which both the security well can wear, but also as a hiking boot can use. The 8” stands for the height of the shoe, this is a height that is in the army used a lot. This height ensures that your is extra stable and is also good against the doorzwikken of your ankles. A real shoe for professionals.

Original S. W. A. T. is a manufacturer of shoes which are designed for use in security and police units. Shoes en ISO 20347 approved. The soles are made so that they are also anti-slip with oil on the floor. If you have the shoe in your hand and you will see it immediately, these are real work boots. The tactical shoes and boots are designed for the safety, therefore, the shoes are tested according to strict standards.

As the only manufacturer in the world, provides Original S. W. A. T. for a direct, ready - to-use customized thermoplastic heel. The hielzone is in the shape of a human foot bent on a special machine. Most of the other brands you need the “entry time” to take heed to the shoe to form to your foot. By making use of this moulded thermoplastic design eliminates Original S. W. A. T. much hielblaren and provide for a lateral support.

For extra comfort is made of EVA tussenzolen for more comfort during the well-known long days. By this technique you can last longer on these shoes and boots walk. The used materials ensure that the shoe is durable and long life.

The mission of Original S. W. A. T. says it all:

To the utmost service and respect for our customers, to offer high-quality, tactical shoes to manufacture; and to meet the specialized needs of uniformed service professionals who put their trust in us have made. Tactical Performance Matters®”

See here for the Original S. W. A. T. work shoes.

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