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How do you choose the right outdoorjas?!

How do you choose the right outdoorjas?!


The British brand's PRINCIPLE, we had already been to a couple of the ladies jackets in the range, and it has now been supplemented by a pair of men's jackets. The Edmont , and Oswald.

I have several jackets, worn it, and I'm outside a lot with the jacks. My first real outdoorjack was a Cragghoppers Bear Grylls jacket with AquaDry Stretch. A great jacket that I can spend lots of time out-worn and have a lot of adventures to the fullest I have. A survivalweekend in the Ardennes, a gift from a trek with my partner in Scotland-and much, much more. After this, jack, with a bit of wear on it was gone due to the amount of use, and for a long time, the rain, here and there, yet it was leaking so I had to find a new game. That is, it was a jacket made by Mammut. (At the time, there were no jackets in the collection.)

What do you get when buying a jacket, you want to ask. Well, for me, is very important in the water column. If you're on a bike, or a bike ride on the outside of the foot, I like to be nice to be able to walk away without a rain jacket, or poncho to do so. The higher the column, the longer and the more intense the rain, you may turn out to be buitenavonturen. I've had jackets that is 5000 mm, which is perfect for a shower of rain, and that after this we can go on, but for a trip to the mountains for a few days, few hours or a whole day of rain, isn't that something more is needed. That's why we have these jackets in our range. A jacket that is in between 10,000 mm and 20,000 mm of water column has to ensure that you are well, I like to stay dry.

Myself to wear, I like to have a wonderful wandelbroek that is quick-drying, and in the mountains as well as a set of gaiters, only your lower legs a bit wet and when the sun is shining, it is also fast to dry.

The two jacks are in a real outdoorjassen where you can enjoy some of the outdoor features. Also very nice on these jackets is that they are breathable, ensuring that you do not have to be a quick work up a sweat in these jackets. The jackets will also ensure that the wind does not rapidly your coat will go on you good for keeps. A lovely sweater under it, and the adventure begins.

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