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A new brands PRINCIPLE and the Trespass be added

A new brands PRINCIPLE and the Trespass be added


Trespass is a brand which, since 1938, is active in the outdoor apparel and have a passion for the great outdoors. In the meantime, the brand has grown to become a global brand.

PRINCIPLE has a slogan of “Designed for life in extremes”. They have over the years gained a lot of experience with rain, wind, snow, and heat, in the open air. With this experience, they have been converted into an outdoor collection of specialty materials, and building techniques in order to make sure that you have the right equipment and have all of your outdoor activities.

At this point, we have to start with a number of rucksacks and backpacks in a variety of sizes, and a number of soft-shell jackets, which dry you keep it. Both of the jackets, like the backpacks, have a great value-for-money for both of these brands, you can see that there are many years of experience in the process.

See here the products of the DLX and Trespass.

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