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Gift skibroeken was added to our catalog

Gift skibroeken was added to our catalog


This past week, we have three skibroeken added to our collection. We will be sure to get there early, but before you know it, we'll all have to ski and then you'll have the once-in-a-new ski pants are necessary. You can now also purchase it separately.

We have chosen the skibroeken of the Dogs. These pants have an excellent quality to have in order to meet the highest requirements. The skibroeken to the wind - and water-resistant, in line with this, the quantity of heat in the pants you have, and you will have a lot of freedom of movement is needed with these pants. The three skibroeken, which we have included in the range, you can be sure of that.

For men, we have all of the Galti in the blue and green. Two beautiful, soft-shell skibroeken with a nice ventilation system, anatomically shaped and good material to hiking or skiing. With a water resistance of up to about 15,000 for the H2O, you can enjoy the snow in other ways.

And for the ladies there is a Mithy is in the red, even with a water resistance of up to 20,000 of the H2O it has. The special HuskyTech Stretch material allows for a high level of comfort in these ladies ' ski pants.

All of the skibroeken be done with the braces so that they don't go in pockets throughout the sport. We now have the unpacking of the boxes as seen, the quality is excellent, as Dogs are accustomed to. Let it snow, yet again, come!!!

HuskyHusky BlauwHusky groen

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