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A new brand of shoes in the store: Brütting

A new brand of shoes in the store: Brütting


In the past week, they finally did it. It had taken longer than expected, and our vacation a little longer, but for now, they are finally in. The shoes with an attractive price/performance ratio. The German manufacturer Brütting has been making since 1946, trainers, in addition to affordable footwear. Brütting, has, over the years, with several athletes have worked also, medals have been met, and the experience we have gained in the shoe market are used.

This is a slogan of the Brütting's “Experience and enjoy nature, to conquer the peaks, and run around in the snow and wind, while also exploring the surrounding area. It is our responsibility to make sure the experience is of the nature to be as comfortable as possible. Brütting makes for a dry, warm, and relaxing the feet and that is for the whole family.” And that will be with us, so that's where we're going to get to work!

And, yes, what shoes are you going to pick one to start with. Sometimes it is difficult when you're not that big, and this is not the whole collection, you can take what you like for your customer to sell it to you, but that means your range is also large enough and clean. We have a total of seven shoes, picked out what we think is that this applies to walkers, hikers or just enjoy the sun, have an adventure to go on.

A pair of shoes, the updated version that allows you to be seated at the foot, and the other five were low in the boots. A number of shoes with nylon and genuine leather. All of the shoes feature a Vibram outsole which provides great grip.

The shoes are in nice boxes and have a party in order to deal with. And if you have them, then it turns out you've got a great shoe in your hands. Take a look soon , or there will be a new set to suit you.

We have only the most popular sizes are in stock, the rest of it, we can order it, and it may be little more than a week at home, you expect to see. E-Mail us your size and we'll see if we can assist you.

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