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Highlander new Summit backpack

Highlander new Summit backpack


This past week, we have the new Summit backpacks are from the united states. The old version had to be in the Highlander is one of the best-selling backpacks, but we were always a little out of date. We have a number of stores, but with the new title belt in his hands, you could say that this would be a 200% improvement over the older version.

The tote bags are also available in a 25 liter version and a 40-liter version is in the gift of the colors of Navy Blue and Leaf Green. Beautiful, modern colors that fit in with the look of the bag. The backpack features a back system with a gaasvulling which makes the backpack great to carry and the sweat on your back is reduced. If it's going to rain, you may get the integrated waterproof rain cover, out of which the bag is dry it will hold up. The backpacks are more pocket and storage space including side pockets with a stretch, heupgordelzakken, and an internal gaaszakje a sleutelclip.

The backpack is made of 300D Dobby Nylon. The shoulder straps and the hip belt easy to adjust, you can adjust it the way you do it is less than your backpack. The chest strap is also adjustable and is equipped with a noodfluitje.

The 40-liter version of the Highlander Summit rucksack has a hoofdvakverdeler with bodemtoegang making things even better, you can separate it and the more you can take in a 25 liter version of the pack.

Both are great packs to have wonderful journeys, or days out to enjoy. Take a look here and further on.

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