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It will be warm in the winter, with Defcon 5, and Ivanhoe of Sweden

It will be warm in the winter, with Defcon 5, and Ivanhoe of Sweden


In spite of all the hot days we have during this period have had to start it in the morning and a lot colder too. Time to start looking for your new favorite warm sweater or sweatshirt.

We have listed some of the new products in the line-up for the winter, lovely and warm to come through. The new sweater from Defcon 5, it is a beautiful sweater that you like a vest and can use it. It is a tactical sweater jacket, with a lot of storage space. When we were in the box were, it was natural and easy look. Elmi, for they had been with our agent saw it and was all excited. And that is certainly for the better, it is a very nice quality, and you will be good to keep. Also, the hood makes it nice is that when it gets cold is your head too warm, you can keep it. The variety of pockets on the sweatshirt for a bit of a rogue, and one other, most of the bags also really have a lot of use. For us, I will not have all of the pockets of the sweater, but it is a lot of fun!

And in that same week, the new collection from Ivanhoe of Sweden in. This is truly a brand that you can feel and see. Then you're in the right order. The idea of a European sheep, sustainable business, etc. condition is very convenient. If you like the clothes, you will also see it is a really nice product to have in your hand, and is to be worn. The thread itself has a lot of features that many people do not know about, and that is why the value of this work is not always seen. The wool is not only warm, but also good at sports. The wool regulates your temperatures much better than any of the other ingredient, and the moisture from the wool sweater is really nice! Also, the quality of the actual wool, as opposed to all of the synthetic thread, from the far east is set to be a whole lot higher).

In addition to the three new products, especially from Ivanhoe of Sweden, we also have a couple of nice, warm scarves, and handwarmers are included in our product range. This is a dress where you don't have to fear that the whole of the street, it's running, you've got to really have something unique to put on, and in addition, you can enjoy the wonderful quality of the brand.

Take a look here to well as the supplement, in addition to Defcon 5 and They, or Sweden.

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