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Hannah's Outdoor walking stick for ladies

Hannah's Outdoor walking stick for ladies


Yes, you read that right, a special walking stick for women. When I ordered I thought that I was not a good read, but it was still true all the same. This past week, we have a range of from Hannah a little bit extended and with a couple of sets of hiking poles and a daypack with a capacity of 30 litres and is one of 36 gallons.

The canes were all new to Hannah, so that we have a moment to sit and view. All the strong canes, which, like all of the other brands that we supply are complete with the rubber feet for your basketball hoops. One of the canes is carried out with an anti-shock system to absorb impact. Furthermore, all of the well-known twist lock closure, and just be a good walking-sticks. Depends on what you like and is practical to carry with you.

And then, of course, to the ladies and walking sticks, which we had to further take a look at it. It is actually a light-weight stick that is specially made for the ladies, it is made of. A walking stick that you can use it both in the mountains as well as the other buitenreizen. Apart from the label “Women” you see on the outside is a little difference between “unisex” with a cane. It is just very special, a lady with a cane.

The backpacks are back to what we've come to expect from Hannah, of Outdoor, beautiful and quality bags. Both bags are made with a large compartment for everything on top of it. Both of these have a Air-Lite system that allows the backpack from the back seat, which provides extra relief from the sun on your back. But I, for one, it is a 30 gallon is fine, and the other person would like a bag with 36 litre capacity. And, of course, do not forget to mention the great variety of colors for you to choose from.

Take a look here for both the ladies and walking sticks, as well as new backpacks from Hannah's Outdoors.

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