About us

The emergence of CheapOutdoor

CheapOutdoor is created after our own backpack trips to Scotland in 2013 and 2014. We had a long weekend planned to backpacking in the Cairngorms. But in addition to the flight and the cost for the train we also had a lot of material is needed. If you can't have this can get expensive quickly. Schotland 2013

There, we walked over, two people for the first time with a fully loaded backpack on their back, through the Cairngorms. Then you realize that what is helpful is to take and what not. The locals were the only flierefluitend by, we, the newbe's did there bit longer. The opinion of the Scots: stick to the path! The Schotlandkenners among us know how it fits together...paths not always visible, and signage, which is generally removed, you're on your own!

The second trip was with a group of friends that not all of the right stuff had to make the trip. There is everything started. We wanted to have everyone excited to enjoy the nature to withdraw, to enjoy the outdoors and relax away from the hustle and bustle of life.

But we knew for sure that not everyone have the finances that we had used for a complete equipment. At that time, we were for one person all around the € 500,- will be lost. This was really cheap. From that vision we are our company started. This we have the first years done by many in China to buy. High good stuff for great prices that are affordable for everyone. Slowly but surely, our range has grown with items from various European countries and also America.


We started with one box in a cabinet at Ikea come from, what grew into the entire wardrobe, a few cupboards, and eventually were 2 bedrooms fully occupied with good stuff. Over the past few years we have expanded our range with several great brands that China slowly but surely for us, less and less came into the picture. The quality/price ratio for us is still very important, because we want for everyone something beautiful to offer.

So, you can get a knife around the 20 euro but also the more expensive knives we would like to offer. Just as a sleeping bag of 50 euros, as well as one of a few hundred euro. At the end of 2017 we have chosen to use our 2 filled to the brim of the bedrooms empty, to pick up and move to a fulfillment party. These people are much better at sending and organizing all the articles and now we can go back more to focus on new products and the findability and usability of our website. The children are also very happy that they have their rooms back.

Going Outdoor

Together with our 4 children, we go there regularly, go out to (in particular) to geocaching. In the polder or the forest, enjoy nature, meanwhile cuties search and a breath of fresh air. The outside and be active or just relax and enjoy the outdoors, which is something we find important in our upbringing of the children. Much better than inside all day or behind a screen crawl. Good in the mud stomping, dirty, and afterwards met with are all cozy on the couch, crawling with hot chocolate!


The future

We try every week or sometimes every two weeks, a number of new articles in the house. Articles which have a correct price / quality ratio. And articles that we would take the field. We are always looking for new products that are useful for backpackers, hikers, bushcrafters, survivallers, preppers, campers and, of course, for the people who just love to be outdoors.


A lot of fun to browse around our website, there's something for you!

Cheapoutdoor.nl is a trading name of Snoeck Backoffice Solutions.